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We are an Innovation Studio passionately focused on enriching the quality of life by harnessing the power of technology to create products that transform mundane activities into delightful experiences.
Team Riku building dreams into reality with technology that make cooking a choice and not a chore and simplifes
Team Riku- Buildind riku to reduce the time and effort of cooking  enabling people eat healthy and home cooked meals with consistency and personalized taste

For many of us, cooking is an obligation and time-consuming. It prevents us from doing what matters to us: Spending time with our loved ones, following our passion and dreams. Is the future of cooking is to be in the kitchen?

Since his childhood, our founder, Goutham Gandhi Nadendla had observed that cooking was not getting smarter. So much human potential was invested in a task that could be automated.

Facing the problems of everyday cooking himself, in 2016, his idea to automate cooking evolved into Riku. With a team of enthusiastic problem solvers, he established Futuristic Labs, and under its brand Klynk, Riku is one of its flagship products.

Klynk aims to connect the dots in your cooking journey by saving time, effort, and skills required in the kitchen with its software and hardware solutions.

The Story of Riku

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