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Early Supporters

"This sounds so cool! Like totally totally cool! I have to try this thing out. It can actually help me stop ordering food online! Especially the part about this thing remembering exactly how much spice I can take sounds worth investing in it!"

Vijaya Rohini Pendyala

“No more calling my mom for her recipes! No more losing track of the time and burning my food! I can just select a recipe, load the ingredients and go about my work! This completely sounds like a dream come, true man! I am definitely getting this! "

Deepthi Ancha

"Riku is a fairy godmother for me giving a boon to spend time with my kids. It helps me relax by enjoying my kid's childhood rather than spending time in the kitchen after a hard day of work by providing home-cooked healthy tasty food."

Vamsi Krishna Karuturi

"Indian cooking is an art and often involves multiple stages of cooking. Even with a cookbook, we tend to miss a step or to add spice. It’s all too complicated. If Riku is really built to solve all these problems, it is definitely worth trying it out."

Sumanth Nalluru
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