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The ultimate cooking robot for your kitchen

Everyday Cooking, simplified.

Riku is an automatic cooking robot that brings the Art & Science of cooking together to cook a great-tasting meal consistently every single day.

Let Riku cook

#hours spent cooking by country

Save ~700hrs per year

Riku brings down your hand on time to 10-15min, saving you ~2hrs per day that's whopping ~700hrs per year

Tap. Load. Eat.

3 Simple Steps. 5mins of your time. Your restaurant-quality dish is on its way to your table.

Select Recipe
Load  Ingredients
Enjoy your meal

Early Supporters

"This sounds so cool! Like totally totally cool! I have to try this thing out. It can actually help me stop ordering food online! Especially the part about this thing remembering exactly how much spice I can take sounds worth investing in it!"

Vijaya Rohini Pendyala

“No more calling my mom for her recipes! No more losing track of the time and burning my food! I can just select a recipe, load the ingredients and go about my work! This completely sounds like a dream come, true man! I am definitely getting this! "

Deepthi Ancha

"Riku is a fairy godmother for me giving a boon to spend time with my kids. It helps me relax by enjoying my kid's childhood rather than spending time in the kitchen after a hard day of work by providing home-cooked healthy tasty food."

Vamsi Krishna Karuturi

"Indian cooking is an art and often involves multiple stages of cooking. Even with a cookbook, we tend to miss a step or to add spice. It’s all too complicated. If Riku is really built to solve all these problems, it is definitely worth trying it out."

Sumanth Nalluru

Life with Riku

Now you can get that morning workout, spend time with you loved ones instead of standing in the kitchen all day.


More than 500 Recipes Automated

Riku can cook most one pot curries in fully automatic mode, and any curry in assist mode. Just load and set your taste preferences.