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Riku Automatic Rice and Curry Maker powered by klynk connecting the dots in the cooking journey and building a coomunity

Together, let’s change
the future of cooking

Become a part of our ever-growing
community of food lovers.

Cooking transforms whenwe connect with each other

Klynk connects dots in your cooking journey. Share your culinary adventures with Klynk Community and fill up your world with more delight.

Cook share and be a part of food enthusiasts with riku automatic rice and curry maker powered by klynk

Cook. Share.
Make it unforgettable.

With every dish you prepare, you make the world more delightful. Share your recipes with Klynk community and let the world enjoy your creations.

Create recipes for our products

Want to write machine-readable recipes for our platform and products? Klynk.Recipes is an exciting, one-of-a-kind culinary opportunity to share your masterpieces across Klynk ecosystem.

Create and share your recipes with klynk recipe platform and let people around the world taste your culinary masterpieces and enjoy new dishes everyday at the comfort of home
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