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Step into the future of stress-free, effortless cooking at home.

Introducing Riku : The World's first Automatic Rice & Curry Maker.  Riku combines artifical intelligence, automation & cooking  to cook  fresh, home-cooked meals personalized for you without the hassle.

$300 savings on retail price

Experience the magic of automatic cooking.

Say goodbye to the pressures of meal planning, prep work, and constant monitoring. Riku handles the complexities, letting you unwind and enjoy more free moments.



Choose from over 1000+ recipes available on the app. Custom taste and servings to your preferences


Load ingredients following step-by-step instructions on the screen to ensure accuracy with every step.


Sit back. Unwind. Let Riku take charge of cooking. Get notified when food is ready, and enjoy a wholesome meal.

3 Simple Steps to Culinary Perfection

Riku reduces your hands-on kitchen commitment from ~2 hours to just 10 mins per meal.



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Exclusive BTS Content & Launch offer savings of $300.

We're honored to announce that Riku has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award for its outstanding design and innovative approach to automated cooking. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to excellence, merging tradition with technology to revolutionize Indian cooking.


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From Classic Favorites to Gourmet Delights

500+ Recipes at the tip of your fingers



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✔ $300 savings on retail price

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